Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zeus's New Home

For those of you that didn't hear already, we had to give our male Jack Russell Zeus to the Russell Refuge of NY. Ove the past 2 years it has become very hard to manage 2 dogs, Sami and work. We didn't have enough time for him and he started acting out by marking all over our couch and chair. Paul took him to the Russell Resuce last tuesday and wednesday he was adopted by a family that live in Manhattan. His new family sent this picture with his new sibling Trout. He has his own room with Trout and window overlooking 2nd Avenue. The new family also has a summer house in Connecticut. His new mom was the head of the Humane Society of Manhattan, so we feel he is in the perfect home. It was very hard on me and Sami. Sami told Paul that Zeus is her bestfriend. It was very heartbreaking, but it is the best thing we could do for him. Madison is a very calm Jack Russell, where Zeus was very wild. Madison is doing great she has gone back to her old behavior before Zeus. She doesn't seem sad at all. We are just so grateful that the Refuge could find an excellent home for Zeus.

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Rebecca said...

Oh, it's a bittersweet thing, isn't it? But it sounds like a relief, too. Good luck Zeus!