Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Sunday we went to Hicksville Nursey. They have a small walk-thru called Otto the Ghost for kids, very cute. At the end of the walk-thru Otto was there to greet the kids, Sami was very nervous :) Outside they had animals you could feed, a hayride and pumpkins. It was too cold and windy to do the hayride and Sami wasn't too interested in the animals she was on a mission to get pumpkins. Later Sunday night Paul carved Snow White and the Witch and Sami colored her baby pumpkins. We baked the seeds...yum! It was a very fun day and it is so exciting that this year Sami is so involved in holidays! Can't wait for Christmas :)


chrisf said...

my sweet babygirl is soooo cute. grandpa wishes he had been there to do pumpkins with you. i love you so very much, grandma

Rebecca said...

Cool pumpkins. Sami is so pretty. Holidays are so fun once the kids get old enough to "get it". She'll love getting her candy stash this year!