Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Sami is definitely Daddy's Girl. Lately every day when he comes home from work she hides in the dining room to jump out yelling boo. Paul will act all scared and she gets the biggest kick out of it. It is so sweet to see the beautiful bond they have. She has always been a very loving snugly baby, but lately she is very loving, especially with her Daddy. I hope you all enjoy the pic, I think it is one of my favorites! :)


Reianna Cambridge said...

Oh how cute! I can't wait until I get a little girl who loves her daddy like that! I bet Paul just spoils her to death because of it.

Rebecca said...

Russ and Juli are like that to this day. When ever she wants something she starts by saying Daaaaddyyyy?
He usually says yes. Softie!

Did you hear that Allison had her baby girl yesterday?